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A cloned banner should copy translated messages to CNBanner
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Author: mwalker

When a banner is cloned and translate is enabled in CentralNotice the messages are not copied into the CNBanner namespace. The end result is that it appears to translate like the banner has not been translated.

We should probably copy all translations into CNBanner and set the group state to approved on a clone.

Version: master
Severity: enhancement



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Very strangely, it did just copy the CNBanner translations for exactly one language (out of >50 existing translations), namely Kazakh (kk):

(All the edits there dated 04:50, 18 October 2014 are automated edits resulting from cloning a translated banner.)

That's only a very partial solution for this bug though ;)

In seriousness, it would be great to have this bug solved. I currently do this via bot (see e.g. ); having MediaWiki do this automatically would be much preferable.

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It may be more pertinent at this stage to just remove or disable the "clone" button. For translated banners this creates huge messes.

T91078: Clone button for CN campaigns indicates that Fundraising might actually make use of this button though - is that still correct?

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As a user of the button — please do not remove it, thanks.

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Yeah, WMF Fundraising uses the clone button very often (although usually on banners without translations)

jrbs added a comment.Jun 1 2017, 9:14 AM

Alright, fair enough. :) Thanks for the info. I'm just now having to clean up after a cloned banner so I might be a little jaded ;)

Alright, fair enough. :) Thanks for the info. I'm just now having to clean up after a cloned banner so I might be a little jaded ;)

Yeah, this is a major issue since it doesn't perform as expected for folks. I wonder if it would be easier in the interim to at least stop the button from attempting to copy over any translations at all? That would be a reasonable stop gap imo.

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