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Allow having an on-wiki ToDo list per user
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It would be great if there is a possibility to maintain a todo list per user with ease to add items to it. I would like to have a button on each page such that when you press it, you have a possibility to enter a comment and save it together with the page name to some list. For instance, sometimes I see an issue in an article or a template but I don't have time to fix it at the moment, so I would like to add to the TODO list so that I do not forget to return to it later.

Right now I'm keeping a page in my user space for such purposes but it is not really convenient:Користувач:DixonD/Todo

I believe that such an option would improve the work of Wikipedia editors.

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Thanks for sharing this idea!
This sounds like an interesting thought for a MediaWiki extension that could be written by anybody interested, but probably for MediaWiki core (as it would not be useful for smaller wikis).

Well even on smaller wikis there is this "oh, that must be done here, but I'm too damn tired/busy/lazy/whatever to do it right now" thing. And even if there are just 1000 pages in the wiki it could be difficult to recollect your plans about particular pages, and for the start which particular pages, after like half a year or sometimes even less.

What it could be though, that this should be considered as a part of the general idea that we need not just watchlist (and this one has to have more data, like date of adding an item into it) but also some other lists. Todo could be one, toread might be another (for those weird moments ehen you actually try to read the wiki you write and also for normal readers) and so on. Perhaps there is a task which encapsulates it all, no clue.

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Adding Possible-Tech-Projects to explore the possibility of an internship round.

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This is somewhat similar to

Maybe all that is needed is some modification to the Watchlist functionality? Like the ability to add notes to watched pages, or prioritise watched pages into a list, that sort of thing?

Yes the idea is interesting to me also, but currently we have no one backing it, and the subscriber list is also small, to bring anyone's attention.
But I think this task need more polishing and discussion( if its to be added in core ), to include in an internship round.

As @Quiddity mentioned elsewhere, there is a template that might be a good model for this:

Would anyone be interested in mentoring this for GSoC/Outreachy May-Aug 2017? Please add Outreach-Programs-Projects if you can mentor this task.

Ill mentor this if we make into GsoC 2018

@Zppix: Which implementation approach and functionality integration to you have in mind?
Asking as I don't think this task is in a state yet that makes it possible to judge whether its scope would be fine for GSoC.

@Aklapper I was planning on maybe going A special page route, having a special page that would allow entries as if its were an to-do list and and give you the option to save, say, to your userpage, to a private special page, etc.

@Zppix: I think the approach needs to be clearer before offering this in GSoC... Also, looking at Gerrit I don't find code patches in MediaWiki core or MediaWiki extensions by you, so I'm curious which experience made you consider becoming a mentor for such a rather complex task? :)

I have been doing tests around on my instance, and i've done something similar before sadly I dont have it publically accessiable

Thanks for your interest @Zppix! For a project to be featured in our outreach programs, we need at least two mentors who could both help review code for a student. But, this project does not seem relevant to me for the upcoming round, also as per comments above. And, so I am removing the Google-Summer-of-Code (2018) tag from it.

Removing the Possible-Tech-Projects tag as we are planning to kill it soon! This project does not seem to fit in the Outreach-Programs-Projects category in its current state, so I am not adding that tag right now!

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