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Math extension does not support complex scripts
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I separated this out from bug 48032. Among the reported issues (, it does not preserve right-to-left order.

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Preserving RTL order is broken because, handling of code points is erroneous. So adding dependency.

physik wrote:

Can we add a screenshot to understand what needs to be fixed.

@Physikerwelt FYI MathJax does not have full RTL support yet -- see There are a couple of things you can work around though.

In which way exactly doesn't MathJax support rtl? Inserting RTL text into formulas themselves?

There's T72207, but that is a very particular issue.

This will probably be an upstream bug in any case.

@Amir80 it's more involved.

For layout challenges, see

In addition, since MediaWiki uses the TeX-like input, the input and conversion to MathML also has to be resolved (generally speaking on the MathJax end but also on MediaWiki's restricted grammar).

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