Expose a parsoid public web API end point in the MediaWiki API
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We need a public API end point integrating with the general MediaWiki API that provides at least the following functionality:

  • HTML DOM retrieval per page and revision. Basically the /en/Foo?oldid=<n> end point.
  • HTML DOM expansion: POST a DOM (or fragment), return re-expanded DOM
  • HTML DOM saving: POST a modified DOM and a summary, and save it as a new revision.

As long as we are using Wikitext as our storage format, saving requires a conversion to HTML and a separate save step. The individual steps should *internally* be exposed to other users including the VisualEditor extension. There is probably no need to expose the HTML2WT conversion. We should instead aim to provide an HTML-only public interface.

The integration should use an URL schema that makes it easy to map some or all of the functionality to a stand-alone (non-PHP) backend to avoid PHP startup costs in the future.

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(In reply to comment #0)

  • HTML DOM saving: POST a modified DOM and a summary, and save it as a new revision.

Just to clarify, we don't need this for June/July (we're doing it in VisualEditor currently) - though it's a nice-to-have. :-)

The real focus for us is the HTML DOM expansion, which we will want ASAP for templates and other generated content blocks.

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Building prod. tools based on Parsoid output (for example to produce offline snasphots) needs this MW API. http://parsoid.wmflabs.org/ can only be a temporary solution...

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Bumped the prority. We should get to this after Wikimania.

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Marco and I are taking this on.

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Once https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/93527/ is merged we'll provide interim access to our internal Parsoid cluster through front-end caches at http://parsoidcache.svc.eqiad.wikimedia.org/. This implements our internal https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Parsoid#The_Parsoid_web_API. In the longer term it will be replaced with a more general MediaWiki content API that we are still working on.

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Lowering the priority as this is now live:

https://parsoid-prod.wmflabs.org/ (also supports spdy)

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Now resolved with https://rest.wikimedia.org/ entering beta production.

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So this was in MediaWiki-API but didn't actually have anything to do with that project?

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@Anomie Seems like it was mis-tagged, sorry about that. Will remove the project.

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