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Show "Can Merge: Yes / No" status on dashboard
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Some of these need to be rebased. I wonder which ones…

Gerrit should show "Can Merge: Yes / No" status on my dashboard.

When you have thirty patches you really are not going to check every single one to see if they need action.

See Also: T65995: Provide search operator "is:mergeable" in Gerrit



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I don't like this idea...the dashboard is cluttered enough as it is.

Plus I think it'll encourage needless rebasing. People don't need to rebase every time a patch is a bit behind master...just when they're going to merge and there's conflicts (or if there's something in master you want you work to be based on).

I don't like the idea of putting it on the dashboard either, but could we please have a way to search by Can Merge status?

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For search we would need Gerrit 2.9 which has the is:mergeable search stanza. So that is blocked on T70271: Upgrade gerrit to 2.12.

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This is a thing now.