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VisualEditor: Marathi/Devanagari: Backpace deletes text on right side
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*Problem description : spell correction of any word eats up text (with continuous motion) on right side until you press spacebar

**Additional Details: The problem is quite frequent but not always.Observed specially when we give backpace and add up more charecters to the word than earlier length of of the word

  1. Go to माझ्या पसंती (Preferences), संपादन and enable last option:

यथादृश्यसंपादक कार्यान्वित करा (केवळ मुख्य(लेख) आणि सदस्य नामविश्वात) - this
enables VisualEditor

  1. Click cog next to इतर भाषांमध्ये
  2. Under क्षेपन (टायपींग ईनपुट) make sure to choose अक्षरांतरण
  1. Select any random marathi word from text
  1. delet few charecters with backspace
  1. Add few new marathi charectes to the word
  1. If the problem is not observed in single effort try spell corrections again in some other words

*VisualEditor+ULS Method of input = अक्षरांतरण language=Marathi
Script=Devanagari (Non-VE source edit environ,ULS Method of input = अक्षरांतरण
works normal

*Tested Browser and OS =Firefox+Win7

Version: unspecified
Severity: major
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There's code to address this bug in the following patch, which is due to go live by on 13 September 2013:

Please let us know whether it fixes the bug!

(In reply to comment #1)

*Did one round of test at my user page on media wiki

Seems to get partially fixed with some different wierdness in some other case so will need more tests and time to confirm



Would it be possible to test this against current master? You can use this at - we believe that we may have fixed the
issues (or, at least, changed the behaviour) since you tested it.

Thank you!

Change 80689 had a related patch set uploaded by Divec:
Revert model to use simple UTF-16 code units

Change 80689 merged by jenkins-bot:
Revert model to use simple UTF-16 code units

Jdforrester-WMF set Security to None.