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Select the Wikimedia interns of FOSS OPW Round 9
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We must select the Wikimedia interns for FOSS Outreach Program for Women - Round 9.

Current status

  • 15 applicants, from which 7 were declined for incomplete proposal and 8 are under review.
  • The table of candidates is missing links to wikitech-l announcements, microtasks, and two mentors per proposal.

Relevant deadlines

  • September 22: application system opens; all participants need to sign in as candidates or mentors at (documentation for mentors)
  • October 22: application deadline at 7pm UTC
  • November 12: accepted participants announced at 7pm UTC

26 October

  • @Qgil went through all the applications and contacted all candidates and mentors.
  • New template replies for Candidate declined with incomplete application + Candidate without a public proposal + Introductory email to all candidates
  • Update sent to wikitech-l.

12 November

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CCing all mentors related with proposals with a chance to be selected (except Andrew Green, who I could not find here -- sending him an email to register). CCing also Rachel (official co-org-admin) and Andre (can't harm).

If you want to initially mentor a proposal, you must click the "Willing to mentor" button in the proposal page at The next step will be to assess whether your candidate is indeed up to the task, and whether we have any conflicts of mentors, projects, slots... This discussion will happen privately, of course.

I'm preparing a first summary of the situation. Let's use this task for questions and public communication in general.

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I was able to login to using my Google account, and look at the applications, but now I see:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'User profile request failed! Google returned an invalid response.' in /srv/http/ Stack trace: #0 /srv/http/ Hybrid_Providers_Google->getUserProfile() #1 /srv/http/ Hybrid_Provider_Adapter->__call('getUserProfile', Array) #2 /srv/http/ Hybrid_Provider_Adapter->getUserProfile() #3 /srv/http/ user->finish_login('Google') #4 /srv/http/ user->login_google('') #5 /srv/http/ include('/srv/http/opw.g...') #6 /srv/http/ module->load('login') #7 {main} thrown in /srv/http/ on line 60

I am facing the same problem as jayvdb. I have to publish my proposal at and wish to gain access to the proposal I submitted at However I get the fatal error message.

I have logged into the applications successfully using my google acct as a mentor on maybe this is something you should e-mail Marina Zhurakhinskaya about since this is on the Gnome website?

Omegat- if you are still unable to access your application send me an e-mail and I'll send it to you ^-^. (my email is in my profile)

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I can also login without problems... As @Mvolz says, if you have technical problems, please check with Marina / the OPW program directly.

About the table at, I took the liberty of editing the row corresponding to Neta just because it was the first one. Please follow the format for the Activity column, adding {{done}} instead of {{to do}} in the completed points., You can see how this will look like in the equivalent table at

Current status
The table of candidates is missing people

Is this still correct? Please update comment 0.

Thanks for the update, Quim.

I was able to login to using my Google account, and look at the applications

I logged in and I applied to be a mentor, but I don't see anything else I can do. Where did you see the applications?

I can see them at, but I guess you need to be accepted as mentor first. Please wait a bit until Boston wakes up... :)

Helping all candidates to have two mentors. In every round we let an exception or two, and in every round (coincidentally or not) those projects struggle in a way or another.

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The announcement of FOSS OPW interns by the GNOME Foundation is scheduled for November 12 at 19 UTC, basically a week from now.

I have just requested all mentors to send me their decisions by Friday, if possible. The program organizers need a bit of notice in advance to prepare the announcement. I also need it, because we are funding those internships, and I need to make sure we have enough budget for the interns we want to accept.

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Done. See the updated description for details. Welcome Outreach-Program-For-Women-9 participants!