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Edit notice saying that changes must be reviewed appears even when the user has autoreview rights
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Flaggedrevs edit notice saying that you don't have reviewer rights appears even when you do have them. This is quite annoying since it's rather long.

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Does it actually say that you don't have reviewer rights? Or is it the "Your changes will be displayed to readers once an authorised user accepts them. (help)" one that implies it?

If so, this is correctly shown when there are any unapproved revisions on a page - someone (possibly including the current user) will need to manually approve any new changes even if the current user would normally be able to autoreview (obviously autoreview does not occur if there are outstanding unreviewed changes).

Not really.

The notice should not be shown for users whose edits do not need to be reviewed – that is the behavior of the wikitext editor.

So what exactly is happening differently to the wikitext editor here then?

As far as I can tell FR is behaving properly by showing this notice when there are changes waiting for review on the current page (even if the user could review their own change).

The notice appears, always, regardless of everything.

It should be only shown when the user can't autoreview the changes they're about to make, just like in the wikitext editor.

  • Bug 59153 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
  • Bug 57835 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Marking as WFM given lack of replication steps.

The problem definitely occurs, still occurs, but also occurs in the source editor. It is just that the problem is more pronounced in the Visual Editor.

The message might need to be split into two - one for people with the rights to approve changes, and another for people whose edits will be queued for review.
Hopefully the latter message is shorter.

Alternatively there is another message (on de.wp) "Notice: Some of the pending changes affect the area of the page you are editing." , which could be split into two, so that editors with review rights see "Notice: There are pending changes which will be automatically sighted if your changes are saved."

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Noting that this would fix the editnotice part of T75931.

Change 255811 had a related patch set uploaded (by Cenarium):
Don't display review notice if edit requires no review

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