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[Compact links] When common languages are not enough, "fillers" should come after
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According to :

Visiting [[no:Oslo]] with the eetension turned on I got

(af) Afrikaans
(am) አማርኛ
(an) aragonés
(ang) Ænglisc
(ar) العربية
(arc) ܐܪܡܝܐ
(en) English
(nn) norsk (nynorsk)
(se) sámegiella

The first 6 were clearly added to reach the number of 9 interwikis, but they should come after the common languages currently at the bottom.

Version: master
Severity: enhancement



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Currently we sort the languages by their language codes before displaying them. This is consistent with the current design i.e. languages appear sorted by their language codes if the beta feature is disabled.

I don't think a lot of people will object to the sorted languages. It's easier to search a language and maintains design consistency.

Personally, if I enable the feature, I expect those to be common languages and when they aren't I get confused; so I'd prefer the fillers to be separated in some way. But I see your point, I'm unsure.

Have we decided what course to take on this?

(In reply to Niharika from comment #3)

Have we decided what course to take on this?

I think it depends on whether more prioritisation methods are added. If we were to add all the methods asked by (some) users, I agree things would get messy. :)

Close per comment 1, better focus on other requests like applying a threshold.