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Create a user preference to disable the postedit confirmation
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Please add a user preference to enable/disable the postedit confirmation ("Your edit was saved") dialog.

Right now, a savvy user can disable it with CSS in Special:MyPage/vector.css, but a preferences checkbox would be easier for a wide audience.

Why disable it? Because it blocks other UI elements for the three seconds that it appears. I'm constantly having to pause and wait, or click to dismiss, so I can get at a link underneath it. It's an extra click or delay that adds no value for advanced users. (Though I'm sure it helps beginners.)



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It was the first thing that annoyed me when I updated MW.

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Presumably the same preference should also disable other mw.notify usage? Used when:

  • Adding pages to your watchlist (e.g. using the watchstar).
  • Patrolling edits.
  • Saving preferences.
  • etc.

Or is mw.notify not annoying due to its position on the side (and never overlapping the header navigation). In that case T103682 may be relevant.

Overall I would be inclined to say this feature should not have a user preference since it would make some interactions quite difficult and odd (e.g. clicking a button and nothing happens).

The feeling to want to disable it is very understandable however. Let's work on improving the interface to make sure it isn't obstructing navigation elements. Some of that is currently on-track via T103682.

Presumably the same preference should also disable other mw.notify usage?

What if it were added as a gadget, that only contained the CSS to hide the notice, similar to