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'Add link' function in Wikipedia creates items with wrong language code
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If a new item is created with the 'Add links' function in Wikipedia, labels are set with language codes equal project prefix.
e.g. item is created with sitelink to -> label is set for language 'simple'.

See Also:
T39459: [Task] Don't try to add labels in non-existing languages: restrict to Language::isKnownLanguageTag



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WikidataClient should not *try* to add such a label, but WikidataRepo should reject them anyway (bug 37459); marking as dependent.

A site's real language (eg. simple isn't a language) should be added to the sites table and then be propagated to JS (via PHP). With that information, this bug could be fixed.

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What about WikibaseRepo->getSettings()->getSetting( 'canonicalLanguageCodes' )?