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script_wui hardcoded to use User:DrTrigon
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scripts/ fails with horrible backtrace if not configured.

$ python scripts/
* Initialization of bot
** Redirecting Lua print in order to catch it
** Pre-loading all relevant page contents
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 157, in <module>
    run_python_file(fn, argv, argvu)
  File "", line 67, in run_python_file
    exec(compile(source, filename, "exec"), main_mod.__dict__)
  File "scripts/", line 292, in <module>
  File "scripts/", line 283, in main
    bot = ScriptWUIBot(site, chan, site.user() + "_WUI", "")
  File "scripts/", line 137, in __init__
    self.refs[item].get(force=True)   # load all page contents
  File "...pywikibot/", line 432, in wrapper
    return method(*__args, **__kw)
  File "...pywikibot/", line 432, in wrapper
    return method(*__args, **__kw)
  File "...pywikibot/", line 315, in get
  File "...pywikibot/", line 339, in _getInternals, getText=True, sysop=sysop)
  File ".../pywikibot/", line 2024, in loadrevisions
    raise NoPage(page)
pywikibot.exceptions.NoPage: Page [[en:User:DrTrigon/DrTrigonBot/script wui-shell.css]] doesn't exist.
<class 'pywikibot.exceptions.NoPage'>
CRITICAL: Waiting for 1 network thread(s) to finish. Press ctrl-c to abort

Version: core-(2.0)
Severity: normal

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The scope of this bug is: the username should be obtained from the logged in user, not hardcoded, and a nice error if the page doesnt exist.

This bug is not intended to cover making the script work correctly for anyone, which is not an easy task.

Change 206790 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ladsgroup):
Use user-based configuration settings in

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I will mentor this in Google-Code-In-2016

@DrTrigon: Could you please reply to the mentor registration email you received, and register? :) If you missed it, please drop me an email. Thanks!

Imported as

@Aklapper: Since @DrTrigon hasn't answered yet, I'm okay with being the mentor.

I registered as requested what did I miss?

@Aklapper: I am fine with you mentoring - as you wish - you can still ask me or refer to me if you guys have questions. I can also mentor if you prefer that.

To anybody working on this: Note that a patch already exists in but needs rework (see comments in Gerrit) and rebasing. See

Change 206790 merged by jenkins-bot:
Use user-based configuration settings in