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Rename Phabricator tag for "continuous integration" and create a "Zuul" tag
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Bugzilla has been migrated so I am reopening this request and we have two requests for the Phabricator admins:

We now have a project Wikimedia-Continuous-integration with hashtag #wikimedia-continuous-integration . I would like the project to be renamed: Continuous integration with hashtags:


We would need a yellow tag named for the Zuul software. Name Zuul with hashtag #zuul sounds good :)

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Isn't one hash tag (e.g. #ci) enough? I'm not sure why we'd explicitly need to create multiple versions.

May I just do this? I think we all agree. There was agreement on T952.

I'll just do it soon, as I don't want to wait too long to rename some of the RelEng related projects (if we wait too long, links will be made to the old name and thus broken).

I'm going to do similar things for:

#wikimedia-deployment-systems -> Deployment-Systems
#wikimedia-labs-deployment-prep-(beta) -> Beta-Cluster
#wikimedia-quality-assurance -> Quality-Assurance (with #qa)

Isn't one hash tag (e.g. #contint or #ci) enough? I'm not sure why we'd explicitly need to create multiple versions.

Short names. You don't need to use them if you don't want to. But eg we have Release-Engineering, which is long, and also "releng", which is nice and short.

I'm fine with just #Continuous Integration" and Continuous-Integration-Infrastructure" though (ie: dropping/not doing "contint". If/when I do this, I won't do that one initially.

greg claimed this task.

This was done by @Krinkle and I did the other ones I listed above.

Whoops, forgot about the Zuul one...

Alright in this case.

Still let me quote the wikitech-l email from today:

Do not change project names and policies for now. You may break links in Phabricator and See

I found out I have the permission to modify the list of additional hashtags, and thus added #contint.

The last needed action is to create a yellow tag for zuul which needs project creation rights.

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greg added a project: Zuul.

Done Zuul

All good. Thank you very much everyone!

@Danny_B can you stop editing tasks that have been closed months if not years ago? That is quite disturbing.