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Clean #Wiki-Release-Team project
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The Wiki-Release-Team needs to be cleaned and archived. These are the potential destinations of current tasks:

With a bit of help from everybody involved, this should not be a complex task.

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25 open tickets:

  • Stakeholders territory: 76902, kind of 951,1113?
  • If Release-Engineering-Team also covers tarball releases (and "mediawiki/tools/release" in Git) nowadays, that's 532,533,536,78053,949,529,974,534,993, maybe 954,1113?
  • Engineering-Community: probably 536
  • There are four "Contact Foo" tasks (1029-1032), no idea what to do about them.
  • IDs not mentioned before have at least one other project assigned which felt sufficient.

You could add "T" in front of the numbers... :)

I dislike triggering all those notifications automatically and there's a link to all items in the first line. :)

Now down to 17 in this search.

I added RelEng or the appropriate other project and removed wiki-release-team from:

I propose to close (or move to the stakeholders group):

Questions/not done/suggestions:

That should be all that are in my team's bailiwick.

IMHO done here, only waiting for T88965 whether to reassociate or decline T532,T533,T536,T951,T1029,T1030,T1031,T1032,T1114

Aklapper mentioned this in Wiki-Release-Team.

Closing as resolved.

Danny_B moved this task from Incoming to Projects to archive on the Project-Admins board.
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Still 5 tagged open tasks...

Still 5 tagged open tasks...

Which are all also tagged with MediaWiki-Stakeholders-Group, so we're fine/done still. There's no point in removing the tasks from the archived project.

To be clear: there is nothing else to do here, please don't remove those tasks from that archived project.

That's what I expected, hence why I didn't reopen it, but only left a note just in case... ;-)

I just came across this again. It looks like the remaining tasks are all assigned to MediaWiki-Stakeholders-Group, which is good. Thanks for helping out. In particular, T88265 and T56425 are taken care of. T534 is being discussed (last at the Wikimania Hackathon in Esino Lario). It looks like T532 and T533 are not in focus right now, but it's ok to keep them in the Backlog.