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Follow-up with the FOSDEM attendees who gave us their contact details
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About 120 people gave us this information during FOSDEM 2015:

  • Email (required)
  • Wikimedia username (if they had one)
  • Interested in projects (Wikipedia, MediaWiki, Commons...)
  • Preferred languages

We had very different profiles (from software developers to Wikipedia fans that have never edited) from different European countries and speaking different languages. We need to get back to them soon, and decide how to follow-up with them.

A generic first email with some pointers, encouraging them to reply if they have more specific requests?

Draft email

You met Wikimedia at FOSDEM...

... and we promised you to write back. We are very grateful that with so many things happening at FOSDEM, you decided to stop in our stand. This is the one and only email that we will send you, unless you want more and reply back.

We have some suggestions for developers and other technical contributors:

We have non-technical suggestions as well:

Are you looking for something else? Just ask!

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In fact, it is better to wait just a bit more and include pointers to GSoC/Outreachy and the Wikimedia Hackathon.

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Please check the draft email proposed in the description. I want to send it next Monday.

Sent. Thank you!