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Goal: Best Wikimedia participation in FOSDEM 2015, driven by EU chapters
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Description -- Brussels / 31 January & 1 February 2015

Let's use this task to share information and discuss.

Wikimedia activities

Other sessions related

  • Any recommendations?


  • @Qgil (Jan 30 morning - Feb 2 evening)
  • @zeljkofilipin (Jan 30 morning - Feb 2 evening)
  • Who else?

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There is not much centralized organization required for FOSDEM, but I will assign this task to me in order to remember i.e. to ping WMBE about the status of the Wikimedia stand

On my way to Brussels, I should arrive at 9am tomorrow Friday. I plan to attend

Who else is around? Please consider adding yourselves to the description. was interesting. The meeting was organized by Bitergia, the developers of the dashboard powering @Acs could not attend because his daughter was born on Monday. Congratulations! Tech community metrics is one of the topics I want to discuss these days, and I'm hoping to post a summary by the end of the conference.

Then I went to the Software Freedom Conservancy fundraising dinner. I shared table with Ceph founder Sage Weil, two more Ceph developers, an open source consultant working for the European Commission, and Martin Michlmayr of Debian (and more) fame. It turned out that @silke and @JanZerebecki were also at the dinner, and we headed together to the Beer event.

In the Delirium bar we met @Lydia_Pintscher (very briefly), @Joe and @siebrand, but it was late, and after the long flight and the jet lag, I was really longing for a bed. Rumours say that @zeljkofilipin and @Aklapper were also around.

A couple of old FOSS friends knew that Andre and me were presenting a session about Phabricator, and told me that are planning to go. Pressure! :)

For people not in Brussels:
The Phabricator talk will (if the Fosdem servers behave) be livestreamed at at 12:00 CET (1100 UTC).

An interview by Hacker Public Radio. They just came and ask, so I did what I could.

The main task of coordination is completed, even if we still have two ongoing tasks:

I'm not specially proud of the coordination of our participation in FOSDEM. Next year there must be a more explicit definition of goals and responsibilities. Also, having the first MediaWiki Developer Summit just on the same week didn't help finding the time a mental room to plan properly, but in any case it could have been better.

Said that, the event wasn't bad for Wikimedia at all. It just ended up being something different than what we envisioned. More details in the upcoming blog post.

Dear FOSDEM 2015 participants. Please help adding any relevant aspects of *your* FOSDEM at

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