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Should be possible to rename or merge change tags
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In there're some duplicate change tags (such as "adding language as description", "possible non-constructive description", "adding Q#### as label/description/alias"), and some
change tags in incorrect names (such as "URL in item"). It should be possible to merge or rename them.

See also T20670: Create ability to add / remove tags from edits / actions.

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How do you want to force an extension to rename a tag? I think just merging would be enough. I don't know how OAuth apps work but renaming for instance VisualEditor tags would not make sense. AbuseFilter tags could be also renamed easily, you would only have to go to the filter, change the tag name and then merge the old one to the new one.

Any progress here?

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Rename should be easily doable given that change_tag is normalized T185355. Merging might be complex but can be done through batches of jobs.

Renaming problems:

  • should a rename update log entries, which enumerate all added/removed tags?
  • system and extension tags (eg. AbuseFilter) shouldn't be renamed

Merging problems:

  • a revision/log entry may be tagged with more tags, two of which should be merged