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Replace project-specific "{name}-thing" jobs with generic "thing" ones
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Rough overview:

  • bundle
  • jslint (Blocked on non-voting exceptions being removed; T62619)
  • phplint
  • jsduck
  • npm
  • phpcs (being folded into composer pipelines, T90943 is for cleaning up legacy jobs)
  • rubylint (was unused)
  • ruby1.8lint (was unused)
  • ruby1.9.3lint
  • ruby2.0lint
  • pplint
  • puppetlint
  • perllint
  • phpunit
  • erblint
  • mwext/qunit (T94326)
  • mwext/phpunit-testextension (T94327)
  • tox (T92557)

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I only see one instance of the -whitespaces job, and that's for mediawiki-core which already needs its own workspace...does it need a generic job?

Krinkle updated the task description. (Show Details)

phpcs repositories have all been moved to use composer test

hashar claimed this task.

I am claiming this task to be solved after a looooong period of jobs refactoring. There are still some jobs varying but it is not much of a concern, the main point was to migrate MW extension to use generic jobs.

Congratulations to everyone that was involved!