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Moving Flow Posts between Topics
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As an editor, I want to be able to

  • Split off-topic Posts into a new Topic
  • Move Posts from one Topic into a different (more relevant) Topic
  • Merge duplicate topics

The destination topic might be on the same Board, or a different Board.

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Moving use cases from the merged task T95115: Allow moving a comment/topic to an existing topic in another Flow talk page:

  • As an editor who help other users with technical problems, I want to be able to move a topic (or relevant comments posted to an unrelated topic) from the talk page of an article to the appropriated topic in the talk page of a template, so that bugs caused by a recent change to that template can be addressed on its own talk page (instead of in two parallel discussions about the same thing)
  • As a user who discusses articles proposed for deletion, I want to be able to move relevant comments (or a full topic) from an article's talk page to a Flow discussion in Wikipedia namespace, so that when an author leaves comments on the talk page of his article, which is about to be deleted, his comment can become a reply to the deletion proposal, which is usually discussed on Wikipedia namespace.
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I've added merging duplicate topics, based on this feedbakback by @Honischboy, who explores a bit how difficult it can be:

merge every replys sorted by timestamp in the same 'list'The comments have got another "directions" and so they will be "shaked" together
Use two collapsed listsMany pepole (me, too) won't read the collapsed lists
Use two uncollased listsone word: confusing
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