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Flow should provide an easy way to quote other user comments
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Suggested by @Сунприат:

Is it assumed there is any possibility for quoting parts of the posts of other users? For example, "quote" or such as in the BBCode [quote] ... [/ quote].

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for example
if you select a piece of text in the message and click Reply, then it may be not empty box - selected text is inserted immediately decorated as a quotation and cursor after it

Quote is a function particularly useful in discussions. Phbaricator users know this well: Quoted remarks are ubiquitous in Phabricator tickets, undoubtedly because people discussing back and forth in a linear format have a constant need to reference each others' comments. The Quote tool makes such quoting easier both for the writer to accomplish and for the reader to understand.

The higher goal here would be to get some kind of automatic quoting tool, as in Phabricator, where the tool would automatically apply formatting and cite the source. A more modest goal would still be useful: a menu option that would simply apply some type of block quote style. (I recommend it be indented, but perhaps that's a problem for mobile.)

A modest first step: add quote-like styling for <blockquote> or some similar semantically applicable element in Flow comments.
(Do any of the existing wikis have CSS / a template for Flow quotes already?)