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Odd ref names being added by VisualEditor
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Adding the <ref name="02322"> is unexpected.

Also, that ref name isn't re-used, so why was it added at all? Well, possibly because the same ref is present three times on that page now (#6 [used multiple times], #7, and #27). The problem may therefore be in the Re-use item.

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It looks like <ref name=":02">, <ref name=":023"> ,<ref name=":0232"> and <ref name=":02322"> might all be related to each other and to this bug?

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Has this recurred?

@NicoV should know whether this problem has continued.

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I haven't seen an other example recently, but I'm not monitoring VE edits, so I don't know

NicoV added a comment.Sep 16 2015, 8:48 PM

I've stumbled upon an other problem that looks quite similar, which happened today

A paragraph seems to have been cut and pasted later in the article: "Des articles virulents sont publiés dans la presse..." and reference which was named as :29 became named as :292 (as with the other case: similar name with just extra characters added).

We're investigating with the user, since my test showed a simple cut&paste doesn't lead to that result.

The user does not replicate the bug (test 1, test 2).

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This hasn't happened in a long time, so presumably it got fixed at some point.

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This shouldn't be assigned to me anymore.