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ContentTranslation link adaption adds <nowiki/> tag
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Parsoid doesn't handle empty content links specially. Is it difficult to remove empty <a> tags in CX? Or should they not have been empty in the first place?

Also see T95730 for a similar issue in VE. I have to understand which of these normalizations are not possible to do in clients, and for what reason.

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I found one scenario where this can be reproduced consistently:

  1. Translate an article to French.
  2. Type "Paris" in the target column.
  3. Select "Paris".
  4. A link card will appear in the sidebar. Click "Add link" ("Ajouter un lien") in the link card.

Observed: The selected word "Paris" is linked correctly - it becomes an <a> tag. But immediately after that <a> tag, another <a> tag with no content is inserted.

Several questions:

  1. Should we remove empty <a> tags before publishing as a workaround till it's fixed comprehensively? It's an ugly hack, but it will reduce the junk in the published articles.
  2. Is it fixed by ? I cannot test it at the moment.
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