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Conpherence wont refresh chat messages automatically, needs manual reload
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Upstream report:

Chat messages doesnt seem to show up in participants screen automatically once a new message shows up in the chat room. One has to either:

  • Reload the page
  • Type in a new message, and click "Send Message"

to see the chat window refresh. This hinders chat, and must be automatic.

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I can confirm this. New messages are not visible until we refresh.

Qgil triaged this task as Low priority.Apr 30 2015, 5:34 PM
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This is a known problem upstream ( However, I'm not sure whether we need to do some local homework in addition to wait upstream improvements. I don't do conpherences upstream, so I cannot compare whether this is working better there. Do you want to try?

Aklapper changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Feb 9 2016, 10:03 PM is resolved in upstream, and I'm sure this is blocked by T765: Enable notification server (real-time pop-up notifications) in Phabricator. Hence setting status to stalled.

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Changing status back to open since waiting on blocked task T765 to be resolved.

Please change the status back if I was wrong to touch it.

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Thanks, but, waiting on another (long lasting) task is a fine reason to set this as stalled. Resetting.