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Distinguish disambiguation pages in [[Special:Allpages]]
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Author: dunc_harris

I'm not sure this can be done without fixing T8754 first, but...

[[special:allpages]] identifies redirect pages from all other pages. Redirects are in <i>italics</i>, whereas other pages are not. I want to split all other pages into article pages and disambiguation pages, so developing the theme, I think it would be good to put disambiguation pages in <b><i>bold italic</b></i>.



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This is currently implemented by putting the REDIRECT title in <div
class="allpagesredirect">…</div> and then applying a CSS style to that class: this
enables users to highlight the REDIRECTs (my custom CSS makes them smaller).

Maybe we could have <div class="allpagesdisambig">…</div> in similar vein?

lcarsdata wrote:

<div class="allpagesdisambig">…</div> would be a good method of doing this, it
may be possible to use code from [[Special:Disambiguations]]. See bug 9319 for a
similar request.

  • Bug 70738 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Change 241911 had a related patch set uploaded (by Eileen):
T9936 Civi46: remove calls to pseudoconstants:individualPrefix & Suffix

Change 241911 merged by Awight:
T9936 Civi46: remove calls to pseudoconstants:individualPrefix & Suffix