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JavaScript is broken on various wikis (after replacing deprecated escapeRE with mw.RegExp)
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Visualeditor is dead on WP/fr since 9h24 (paris)

Loading bar stopped at 75%

Report by a contributor

Other possible issues:

alex@alex-laptop:~/Development/MediaWiki/extensions/VisualEditor (T103227)$ ssh terbium mwgrep "mw.RegExp"
arwiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-CiteTooltip.js
azwiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-directLinkToCommons.js
cawiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-Direct-link-to-Commons.js
cawiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-bkl-check.js
cewiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-directLinkToCommons.js
dawiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-bkl-check.js
dsbwiki             MediaWiki:Gadget-Direct-link-to-Commons.js
eowiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-Rekta-ligilo-al-Komunejo.js
fawiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-Direct-link-to-Commons.js
fawiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-libGlobalReplace.js
fawiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-libWikiDOM.js
gagwiki             MediaWiki:Gadget-direct-link-to-Commons.js
hewiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-Checkty.js
hewiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-CiteTooltip.js
hsbwiki             MediaWiki:Gadget-Direct-link-to-Commons.js
kawiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-directLinkToCommons.js
kowiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-direct-commons.js
lezwiki             MediaWiki:Gadget-directLinkToCommons.js
lvwiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-directLinkToCommons.js
nlwiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-Direct-link-to-Commons.js
plwiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-Direct-link-to-Commons.js
ptwiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-APC.js/Core.js
ptwiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-Direct-link-to-Commons.js
ptwiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-antivandaltool.js
ptwiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-desambiguacoes.js
test2wiki           MediaWiki:Gadget-imagelinks.js
thwiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-imagelinks.js
trwiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-imagelinks.js
udmwiki             MediaWiki:Gadget-directLinkToCommons.js
ukwiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-ReplaceImgs.js
ukwiki              MediaWiki:Gadget-libWikiDOM.js
ukwiki              MediaWiki:ImprovedEditTools/SearchAndReplace.js

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And probably some other wikis:

eswiki MediaWiki:Common.js
kabwiki MediaWiki:Common.js
krcwiki MediaWiki:Common.js

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Same on eswiki, kabwiki, krcwiki, etc.
Other places that may or may not be affected, let me know if any of them are:
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thanks, Bro krenair, from urduwikipedia

I'll check the rest of these later

This was a major fuck-up on my part. I am sorry about that, and will look into any leftover changes that need to be reverted. I will also post a postmortem to the operations list and to Wikitech. Thank you Krenair for fixing this.

Aklapper renamed this task from JavaScript is broken on various wikis to JavaScript is broken on various wikis (after replacing deprecated escapeRE with mw.RegExp).Jun 26 2015, 9:30 AM ta.wikpedia upload wizard's java script is also broken. The wizard do not appearing to upload.