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Snapshot hosts need to be manually added to dataset1001's exports
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Applying the snapshot role on a new host fails until the host is added to operations/puppet.git:modules/dataset/files/exports and exportfs -r is manually run on dataset1001.

Notice: /Stage[main]/Nfs::Data/Mount[/mnt/data]/ensure: ensure changed 'unmounted' to 'mounted'
Error: /Stage[main]/Nfs::Data/Mount[/mnt/data]: Could not evaluate: Execution of '/bin/mount /mnt/data' returned 32: mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting

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Change 236233 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ori.livneh):
Document bug T111586 in a comment in site.pp

Change 236233 merged by Ori.livneh:
Document bug T111586 in a comment in site.pp

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Ariel generously accepted to remind the rest of ops about this by owning this. as a first take. At least it ought to sort out the export -r issue. As to manually adding to exports, now that's just moved to 'manually add to hiera' which I don't know if it's an improvement.

Not having to manually run that command is definitely an improvement. And it looks much easier to read in the hiera structure than in that old exports file where it's all on a single line with other options. Also harder to make a typo that messes stuff up.