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Add support for the Meek STV method in SecurePoll
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Oct 29 2015, 11:15 PM
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The Meek algorithm for counting single transferable votes (STVs) is considered, at least by some, to be the best vote counting algorithm when electing multiple people and simplicity is not important. The algorithm does not seem to be computationally too intensive.

Enabling this in SecurePoll should not be hard; the voting interface is exactly the same as the Schulze method, which is already implemented in SecurePoll. It is only the tallying mechanism that is different.

Please consider adding this to SecurePoll as an option.

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A bit of a latecomer but I would comment that by some (and this some seems to be more some than the meek supporters* ;-)) the Schulze STV ( is considered pretty useful in the real life scenarios (and usually recommended over other multi-winner systems by geeks).

There are various implementations on the net, I am using a python version from but there are possibly others, too. Since it's a preferential voting system (as well as any STV) this could better reflect to the voters' preference.

* {{anecdotal evicence}}