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<references /> block should only show refs above it, not all refs on the page
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Action taken:

Copy this text from the German Wikipedia, and paste it into VisualEditor, towards the top of the page:

England gelang zwar sechs Minuten später durch einen von [[Allan Clarke (Fußballspieler)|Allan Clarke]] verwandelten Elfmeter der Ausgleich, mehr ließen die Polen, insbesondere ihr Torhüter [[Jan Tomaszewski]] - der kurz zuvor von [[Brian Clough]] als Clown tituliert wurde - nicht zu.<ref>[ „Football MATCH: 17. Oktober 1973 England v Poland“]</ref> „It's all over“ wurde dies vom Kommentator des Spiels kommentiert.<ref>[ England 1-1 Poland (1973) WCQ ]</ref>

Expected result: The two sentences and their refs appear on the page.

Actual result: The two sentences and their refs and a new ref block appear on the page. See T127664: Copying and pasting wikitext with refs results in the addition of a <references /> block for this part.

Weird result: Sometimes this ref block contains all the refs on the page, rather than just the two refs above the block that it ought to contain.

<references /> is only supposed to display the refs above it on the page. In this instance, there were two (new) refs above it, and three (#3, #4, #5) below it. But sometimes, this block displayed all five.

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Minded to Decline. I see no value in fixing VE to undertake this behaviour, as opposed to fixing Cite to show all of them.

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This behavior is a wanted behavior from the Cite extension, as it makes it possible to add reference sections to threads on discussion pages. As long as we have wikitext-style discussion pages this will be a wanted feature. Please don't remove it just because VE don't support it.

jeblad added a comment.May 8 2016, 8:30 PM

I don't see a valid use case here.

If people are foolishly copying bits of an article to a talk page, they should be good enough as an editor to remember how to use <references />.


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