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Port language screenshots for VisualEditor from Ruby to JavaScript
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We were able to make language screenshots for VisualEditor (T64737) but since the code is Ruby , it was a constant struggle to fix the failures (T119482). If the tool was ported to JavaScript using Malu, more people would be able to fix the failures, including VisualEditor team.

We have a working tool in Ruby and it should not be hard to port it to JavaScript during Wikimania-Hackathon-2016. I have talked with @Amire80 and he is interested. I think @Ryasmeen would be interested too.

Next step: @Amire80 should contact people/teams that would be using the tool and ask them to join us at the hackathon.

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@Esanders apologies for the late reply, I was traveling.

Yes, @dduvall and I have experimented with Selenium+Javascript (T108874). The outcome is malu. Example how to use it in a repository is 256404.

Change 295924 had a related patch set uploaded (by Esanders):
Add screenshots grunt task for taking documentation screenshots

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Change 295924 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add screenshots grunt task for taking documentation screenshots

Change 300846 merged by jenkins-bot:
Remove Ruby implementation of language screenshots