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Use Sentry in ContentTranslation
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We have several dozens of AJAX translation saving errors in ContentTranslation every day.

@Nikerabbit suggests that using Sentry may help analyze them.

I am not familiar with Sentry; just creating the task for discussion.

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@Tgr, @matmarex I am copying our IRC discussion here as it is useful summary.

Nikerabbit> tgr: hi! What is the status of having Sentry for production?
tgr> Nikerabbit: on freeze until AuthManager gets shipped  
tgr> is the only blocker to trying it out with some specific features that do not generate huge traffic
tgr> scaling it up to the point where it could collect all errors in WMF production will probably be a long process, though  
Nikerabbit> tgr: it would be helpful for ContentTranslation as well. we have some failures happening in the frontend that breaks things but it is hard to get enough info from users
MatmaRex> Nikerabbit: the work tgr has done so far makes it possible to quite easily collect the errors yourself
MatmaRex> you'll just need an eventlogging schema and some glue code. (and possibly a lot more glue code is you want backtraces, because eventlogging has rather short length limits)
tgr> Nikerabbit: if someone is interested in working on it, I'm happy to explain what needs to be done :) otherwise, ask me again in a month?
Arrbee moved this task from Bugs to Enhancements on the ContentTranslation board.
Arrbee moved this task from Bugs to Enhancements on the ContentTranslation board.
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Stupid thing: Sentry is not an open source software anymore: T106915#5656532 Are we sure we should have it for CX?