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[Task] Terms usage tracking: Only track parts of the language fallback chain that were actually used
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In case we have a fallback from language abc to xyz, and someone tries to access a label in abc we will always track label usages for both abc and xyz, even if there is a abc label. We should only record label usages that are actually relevant (abc in this case).

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Event Timeline

Change 369442 had a related patch set uploaded (by Hoo man; owner: Hoo man):
[mediawiki/extensions/Wikibase@master] Only record relevant label usages

Change 369442 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/Wikibase@master] Only record relevant label usages

This got deployed to most Wikis on Aug 18 (69ca078790f878c2efb3218f0b801d6518e205d2).

This had significant effect on the number of usage recorded:

Details for some Wikis:
zhwiki (the wiki with the most label usages, due to the long fallback chain):

==> label-usage.zhwiki.2017-08-08 <==
No      eu_aspect
5601248 L.en
5601303 L.zh
5601297 L.zh-cn
5601297 L.zh-hans
5601297 L.zh-hant
5601297 L.zh-hk
5601297 L.zh-mo
5601297 L.zh-sg
5601297 L.zh-tw

==> label-usage.zhwiki.2017-08-29 <==
No      eu_aspect
4842298 L.en
5597842 L.zh
4870704 L.zh-cn
4871256 L.zh-hans
4870746 L.zh-hant
4843361 L.zh-hk
4843361 L.zh-mo
4843361 L.zh-sg
4843361 L.zh-tw

==> label-usage.zhwiki.2017-09-19 <==
No      eu_aspect
4656077 L.en
5604440 L.zh
4732968 L.zh-cn
4733541 L.zh-hans
4733025 L.zh-hant
4657553 L.zh-hk
4657553 L.zh-mo
4657553 L.zh-sg
4657553 L.zh-tw


==> label-usage.ruwiki.2017-08-08 <==
No      eu_aspect
7609654 L.en

==> label-usage.ruwiki.2017-08-29 <==
No      eu_aspect
1251039 L.en

==> label-usage.ruwiki.2017-09-19 <==
No      eu_aspect
982491  L.en


==> label-usage.cawiki.2017-08-08 <==
No      eu_aspect
5101356 L.en
5101356 L.oc

==> label-usage.cawiki.2017-08-29 <==
No      eu_aspect
502576  L.en
507297  L.oc

==> label-usage.cawiki.2017-09-19 <==
No      eu_aspect
398182  L.en
403434  L.oc

As can be seen here, some languages in the fallback chains are hardly/ not at all used, while others are heavily used.