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Expose `modules` and `jsconfigvars` from Parsoid's parse API when converting wikitext
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Currently a lot of extensions will conditionally load modules based on the content of the page, e.g. only load math code if equations are present, or only load MultimediaViewer if images are present.

When VE is used the content of the page will change asynchronously, and these modules will not be present if an equation or image is added, for example. In some cases (e.g. math) the module is actually loaded by VE, so the problem is bypassed, but others (e.g. MMV) aren't required in VE, but are required after save.

Ideally we could run the same content-checking hooks asynchronously and load any modules that are required automatically.

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Could we perhaps do a fake page render after save in the VE API, and send back a list of modules to load? We have a similar hack for gathering up the edit page checkboxes for the save dialog.

I'm not sure what this is about. API action=parse can already return modules, which are needed to display the page correctly/fully. Extensions can add modules to ParserOutput in PHP with addModules(). Or if they're checking it client-side from a small "bootstrap" module on page load, they should instead use the 'wikipage.content' mw.hook, and other extensions that replace content on the page (like VE) should fire that hook (I think VE already does).

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I agree with @matmarex. Extensions that lazy-load modules based on server-side checks would be calling addModules() accordingly and be included in the API response that VisualEditor gets. Relevant code:

/modules/ve-mw/init/ = function ( /* .., */ modules, jsconfigvars ) {
	// ..
		mw.config.set( jsconfigvars );
		mw.loader.load( modules );

Extensions, site-scripts and user-scripts that perform these checks client-side typically load a minimalistic module unconditionally on every page that performs its check from mw.hook( 'wikipage.content' ) handler, which VisualEditor re-triggers after save.

In this case I am using RESTBase to convert wikitext to HTML (to show preview in the new wikitext editor).

The client-side hooks would still work as long as VE triggers them. I'm not sure about the server-side ones. I imagine Parsoid won't reach out to the API for this stuff in most cases. And even when it does, it would probably ignore the modules and jsconfigvars` from the API response. Re-tagging as a Parsoid issue.

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Parsoid adds module styles to the page (see ApiRequest code and DOMProcessor code ) .

What endpoint are you guys talking about where this info is not showing up?


I think I know what is going on. The modules are added to the head and you request a parse with bodyOnly => the header is stripped. Can't you process this without bodyOnly? I don't remember the reasoning why that flag was introduced. /cc @GWicke

But, anyway, I think Parsoid's output doesn't expose jsconfigvars even though it requests it from the MediaWiki API.

But, anyway, I think Parsoid's output doesn't expose jsconfigvars even though it requests it from the MediaWiki API.

This part is now covered by T162399 as a separate ticket.

Is there anything to do in this ticket now since Parsoid is already adding modules to the <head> and the issue seems to be that VE is requesting body-only and thus not getting the information?

@Jdforrester-WMF Note that in T139852#3160428 I am saying that this is a VE issue, not a Parsoid one. The Parsoid piece is a separate ticket.

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Our workaround in T147702 re-implements expandModuleNames to extract the style modules from the link tag.