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Create a maintenance script for populating the local_user_id and global_user_id fields in the centralauth localuser table
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Once T141951 is done, we'll need to run a maintenance script to fill in the data for the existing users in the centralauth database.

This task is to write a batched maintenance script for that purpose.

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Moving this to Ready and working on T142507: Have CentralAuth populate the local_user_id and global_user_id columns as new users are attached first per Legoktm's code review:

I would suggest 3 patches: 1) schema change 2) update code to populate the fields whenever it writes those rows (account creation) 3) a maintenance script to back-populate everything that already exists.

Change 316375 had a related patch set uploaded (by Niharika29):
[WIP] Populate local and global ids in localuser table

Change 316375 merged by jenkins-bot:
Populate local and global ids in localuser table