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Define and implement DropdownWidget font-weight consistently
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In M101 the DropdownWidgets are currently featuring font-weight: bold. This was established to be visually on par with buttons.
Pros for featuring bold:

  • It is a similar kind of interaction widget like button, therefore should feature bold.
  • It would open up a possibility of making input versus “buttonesque“ widget clearer, which opens more solutions on T147808

See OOjs UI demo HorizontalLayout section for a good comparison

T148579 font-weight Dropdowns - OOjs UI 2016-10-18.png (94×650 px, 19 KB)


  • bold might be too prominent in many of the dropdown use cases and be stealing focus when not needed.

T148579 font-weight Dropdowns - Wikipedia 2016-10-18.png (531×711 px, 50 KB)

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