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Archive the GlobalContribs extension
Open, Stalled, Needs TriagePublic


Stuff that needs to be done first:

  • T154852 - Ticket for merging GlobalContribs with GlobalContributions
  • Archive Extension documentation page on
  • Archive the corresponding Wikidata item (change English description to archived MediaWiki extension, remove all statements, except instance of (P31):MediaWiki extension (Q6805426) which should be altered to Deprecated rank, however if there's possible replacements, add replaced by (P1366) to those replacements)
  • Remove submodule from mediawiki/extensions.git.
  • Remove Jenkins pipeline from zuul/layout.yaml file in integration/config.git.
  • Remove extension from groups/MediaWiki/mediawiki-extensions.txt file in
  • Empty repository, leaving only a note in the README file.
  • Archive Phabricator project (GlobalContribs) for the extension.
  • Edit Phabricator project description, and add link to this ticket.
  • Mark the repository read-only in Gerrit, and prefix description with [ARCHIVED] .
  • Archive the repo mirror in Phabricator Diffusion.
  • Delete the repo mirror on
  • Archive on (add a note about it in the note parameter)

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Liuxinyu970226 moved this task from Untriaged to Archive extensions on the Cleanup board.
MarcoAurelio changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Nov 8 2017, 11:27 AM
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If we can't do this before the two extensions are merged then I'm marking this as stalled.