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Promote Developer Wishlist 2017 proposals
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The Developer Wishlist is a voluntary effort, so its success depends on promoting it to the people can make those wishes true. This might include:

  • volunteer developers (many are reachable through wikitech-l; are there other channels that could be used to reach more people without being perceived as spammy?)
  • WMF teams (make sure the people doing annual and quarterly planning have heard about the wishlist)
  • outreach projects (see which proposals are suitable as Outreachy or GSoC projects and propose them as such; find smaller proposals which might be suitable as microtasks)
  • hackathon projects (make sure the wishlist is advertized to the participants)


Top 30 proposals, triaged by appropriateness for outreach/hackathon/volunteer projects


#TaskLangaugesFamiliarity withComment
#9T123218: Remove IE8 Javascript hacks/workarounds/etc. from extensionsJSneed to grep extensions/skins/vendors and make a task list
#14T156788: Improve support for read access restriction / access controlPHPneeds someone familiar with MW authorization to know where to look & make a list

Small tasks

(1-2 days for an experienced developer)

#TaskLangaugesFamiliarity withComment
#1T45: Phabricator should suggest possible duplicates when creating a new taskPHPPhabricatorupstream is willing to add an interface, some needs to write a plugin that uses it
#5T111731: Integrate a modern debug/error display tool into MediaWikiPHPbasic extension writingmake MWExceptionRenderer replaceable & write an extension to replace it
#8T156048: Add syntax highlighting to wiki diff of source code pages (like Gerrit)PHP, HTML, CSSthis sounds like small display tweaks
#10T156695: Add a maintenance script for complete cache resetPHPMW caching layersa simple maintenance script
#13T156568: Review and update the Examples extensionPHP, JSbasic extension writingnot hard, but needs experienced people to know what should go into it
#15T126500: Organize a MediaWiki Documentation Day (similar to the Gerrit Cleanup Day) on 2017-05-12just curate a list of things that need their documentation improved?
#18T156847: Core should be aware of the domain it is running on and render mobile domains where necessaryPHPWMF config? MobileFrontend?
#20T128149: Remove wgLegacyEncoding feature of Revision/BlobStorePHP, SQLMW upgrade system?
#21T96041: Allow excluding soft redirected categories on Special:UnusedCategoriesPHP, SQLMW special pages
#22T156500: Document extensions' MediaWiki version compatibility betterwiki templates
#23T101659: Run a documentation sprint for Cloud VPS and Toolforgejust curate a list of things that need their documentation improved?
#24T117661: Integrate a modern php REPL shell with MediaWikiPHPmostly done
#28T135245: Enable and document "WIP" workflow status in Gerritgerritmaybe done already?
#30T135186: Add a welcome bot to Differential for first time contributors?Phabricator

Big tasks

Consensus needed

#TaskLangaugesFamiliarity withComment
#3T71445: Implement a proper code-review process for MediaWiki JS/CSS pages on Wikimedia sitesPHP?git?need to decide on on-wiki vs off-wiki solution
#11T155029: Generate infoboxes from extension.json in gitPHP, Python?need to decide where to store infobox data
#17T156873: Choose a recommended IDE for MediaWiki and maintain a plugin for itJava?the chosen IDEneed to pick a target
#19T107561: MediaWiki support for Composer equivalent for JavaScript packagesJSpackage managersneed to pick a tool
#27T156640: Improve LTS support of extensionsthis is mostly about creating policy and getting buy-in from maintainers


A random pick of tasks (not limited to the first 30) which seem to fit well into the plans of some WMF team:

#1T45: Phabricator should suggest possible duplicates when creating a new taskRelEngApparently a major usability problem with our collaboration tool suite, so probably affects developer retention
#2T90687: Define a baseline grid and support a responsive grid systemReading WebWould help the plans to make templates mobile-friendly
#3T71445: Implement a proper code-review process for MediaWiki JS/CSS pages on Wikimedia sitesSecurityXSS in gadgets is arguably the biggest security problem ATM
#4T115650: Create an authoritative and well promoted catalog of Wikimedia toolsCloudA catalog is needed for avoiding duplication and helps promote best practices
#6T155567: Make OOUI easier to use for gadgetsUI standardizationHelps OOUI adoption for gadgets. Users don't care which part of the UI is WMF vs. community maintained, it will still look inconsistent if it's a mix of OOUI an jQuery UI.
#7T155473: Improve documentation of OOUIUI standardizationHelps OOUI adoption.
Proposals for experimenting with new approaches to documentation (#15 T126500, #23 T101659, #41 T156301)DevRelDocumentation is something the WM/MW community has not developed good practices for, and this highly affects our ability to draw and retain developers.
#29T147545: Organize a Wikimedia developer contest to recognize and promote best projectsDevRelProbably proposed in the first place because DevRel was interested in doing it.
Welcome bot for first-time contributors (#30 T135186, #38 T73357)DevRelDeveloper retention is a major problem, and this seems like low-hanging fruit for improving it.
#32T145669: Add support for a wmf-ci.yaml type file for wikimedia jenkinsRelEngMaking the setup of new CI endpoints easy enough that people actually bother to do it would greatly increase the robustness of our code.

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