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VE in Timeless makes cactions non-responsive, trapping users forever
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Cactions are below the firstheading, so they get disabled. Content actions are needed firstly to escape edit mode (other options exist, but take them to totally other pages), but also just in general so the user can get at various other page things in general. History, view, whatever, etc.

Event Timeline

See also T164705: Provide visible tool for aborting edit in VE (which still wouldn't allow you to open the current page for reading in a new tab while editing, etc., but would improve the situation to some degree).

So this is still happening, it seems. Can we just remove the ve-init-mw-desktopArticleTarget-uneditableContent class on div#mw-page-header-links on Timeless *after* VE has been initialized for an article? That, IMO, seems like the easiest fix here.