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Autosuggest categories in advanced parameters form
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Users should get help to write the category they need correctly

When a user starts typing in the "Page in this category" field, autosuggest categories from the existing categories, as shown below. Selected categories also become tags.

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Lea_WMDE renamed this task from Search prototype: Autosuggest categories to Autosuggest categories in advanced parameters form.May 30 2017, 4:35 PM
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not working on categories as long as we don't have figured out how exactly we expect this to work in combination with deep cat

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Updated the search description with the result of the discussion of the PM engineering time on 2017-07-11

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I moved the deep search part to a different ticket T170533: Allow deep category search in advanced search

Can we allow multiple categories? If no, we should rediscuss visualisation.

Yes, we can allow multiple categories. However, for performance reasons, we should apply the same limits (max 75 catgeories, max 15 depth) as DeepCat.

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