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Make pages in User: namespace transparent to meta:User:
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Author: happy_melon

Currently, the Image: namespace on all(?) projects is 'transparent' (I don't know if that's the technical term, but it's reasonably descriptive) to the Image: namespace at commons; so if the page [[commons:Image:Foo]] exists, viewing [[haw:Image:Foo]] will display the commons page, templates and all, if [[haw:Image:Foo]] does not exist. With the advent of SUL, we have the situation where users are required to create identical or near-identical userpages on multiple wikis - precisely the situation that commons was created to resolve for images. It would therefore be emminently sensible to make the User: namespace transparent in the same way. However, commons would be an awkward choice of 'underlay' - the meta:User: namespace would be much more sensible.

As this would only be useful on wikis with CentralAuth, it makes sense to implement it there. It might be a good idea to put some checks in to confirm that a global account actually exists for each username... but then again the abuse potential is low because if a local user is not part of the global account for that username, they can override the transparent display simply by creating a page of their own in its place. I don't think User talk: pages should be treated in the same way.

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For this, either

A) Interwiki transclusion needs to _not_ suck, or
B) Specific namespaces need to be definable in $wgSharedDB and related settings

For A, I've been working on a TransWiki extension (, a good portion of the base is complete, basically the primary issues I had in figuring out what to do have been solved. However, I may need a poke or something to complete it as other things are higher on my priorities list right now.

TransWiki is being made with integration in mind as well. So it's likely that CentralAuth could define some things hooked into it that would allow things like tweaking of the template commons portion of TransWiki to also work with Userpages.

beau wrote:

I have submitted gerrit change #7300 for review. It provides only global one global user page. It does not map the whole user namespace to global one.

Could someone with the appropriate access please add bug 13953 to the "See also" field? Thanks.

(In reply to Beau from comment #3)

I have submitted Gerrit change #7300 for review. It provides only global one
global user page. It does not map the whole user namespace to global one.

Still working on it?

Change 7300 had a related patch set uploaded by Krinkle:
Implement global user pages

I've mentioned this at [[m:UserWiki]] (in the "#Pointers to related efforts" section at the bottom).

/me gives a gentle nudge of encouragement and eager anticipation! All the rebase are belong to you. ;)

Funny, the corresponding "featured strategical proposal" was never linked from here, though it linked to here:

Change 7300 abandoned by Legoktm:
Implement global user pages

See bug 70576, which is more developed than this (supports opt-out, proper invaliation, etc.).