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[Objective 11.1.2] Research on citation/external link usage
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Collect and analyze clickthrough data for footnotes and external links to understand how readers interact with them (after discussing and reviewing privacy and security implications)


  • Create a proposal for instrumentation of external links and have it reviewed by community, security, privacy and analytics
  • Collect and analyze a first round of data T190437
  • Collect and analyze second round of data T212225



  • External collaborators (Lauren Maggio, John Willinsky)
  • Security, Analytics, Legal, CE

Estimated quarter(s):

  • Q2 proposal and discussion starts
  • Q3 or Q4, implementation and analysis pending community discussion and security review

Event Timeline

Thanks @Halfak , I forgot about that schema, which is great for tracking contributions. The instrumentation needs for this task are mostly focused on consumption. Also cc'ing @Astinson and @Ocaasi_WMF for visibility.

The instrumentation needs for this task are mostly focused on consumption

Oh! I see. That makes sense for the plan to have a public/community review.

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Minutes and todos from kickoff meeting with Lauren Maggio, John Willinsky, Ryan Max Steinberg.

Lauren and team shared a detailed proposal for a schema. Our goal in Q3 is to work on the review of the specs and any privacy/security implications with the target of having a vetted implementation strategy by the end of the quarter.