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Develop a tool for MassMessage users to generate distribution lists from Wikidata project pages
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When creating a distribution list of any size a messenger may wish to send to Village Pumps, hubs, and project talk pages. Creating such lists is difficult and time consuming. Merging any lists is even more so. Getting the syntax correct, making sure there are no duplicates, and making sure you have all the locations properly included can be challenging.

Example: I want to send a message about a technical change to locations where admins congregate. The common location is Administrator Noticeboards. Some projects don't have an AN, but do have a Village Pump (Technical). More still don't have either, but do have a general Village Pump. If I want to send a message to project that have an AN, and those that don't but have a VP(Tech), and those that only have a VP, it is difficult. So how can I use the information in Wikidata to automate this?

Suggestion: Create a tool/script that will take Wikidata entries for a list of project pages (like Admin noticeboards) and generate a distribution list for MassMessage.

If I could ask for a pony: Feed Special:MassMessage Wikidata "Q" IDs and it knows that you want to send to all pages listed and be able to ad-hoc add/remove pages. (Say if you don't want to reach out to communities already contacted or not in the scope of your communication).


Admin noticeboard:

Village Pump (Technical):

Village Pump:

API Sandbox query to request the list of pages and projects from Wikidata (Q4580256):

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+1 to this :)
I started working with a SPARQL query to generate this list (including the technical village pumps), but this could probably be automatized more.

Note: a version of this is currently available as an external tool, Wikidata MassMessage. See also T190795. (Thanks @Legoktm for the pointer!)