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Review the selection of what ancient monuments are part of WLM
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There are two changes to the selection of the lists that should be considered.

  1. There are many types of objects available in FMIS that are easy to find and probaly would look great on photos that are not part of the competition today. We would like to widen the scope so that they also can be part. Examples are bridges, industries, lighthouses and more. We believe that some could possibly even be worthy of inclusion even if the status is "Övrig kulturhistorisk lämning".
  1. Some object types are extremely hard to find and take photos of. we should consider to exclude them in order to not frustrate and alienate people who want to be part of the competition, because of the risk that they give up if they fail after the first try. Example of type to remove would be "Stensättning" but we need further discussion with archaeologists at RAÄ.

There are of course some practicalities around this even if we could come to a quick decision of the exact changes we like which we need to take into consideration for this years competition.

Event Timeline

We would like to widen the scope dramatically. All objects in FMIS (and BBR!) should be valid for the competition. The lists that we have should be considered as a guide for the competitors to find easy objects to take photos of. We will soon supply a wishlist for new types to include in the lists, and depending on how much time it would take to include them, we will see what can be prioritized for this year.

I am attaching our wishlist for types to include. The list should be seen as starting point for discussion. Obviously time is scarce and probably of most limiting factor. We are happy if anything at all gets included this year.

As we now have a data field "Visible above ground" I would like to remove all items where this value is set to false, feels like a start and is doable already this year.

@Lokal_Profil one would need to update both the lists and Wikidata items nowadays right? Wikidata to make sure Monumental and other tools works and the lists because the Monuments DB still uses them?

Är nog fortfarande relevant. Att rensa listorna till bara sådant man faktiskt kan ta bilder på tror jag skulle vara kommunikativt fördelaktigt. Se dock angränsande diskussion i, dvs. det här är enklare att göra om vi inte har statiska listor på svwp.