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The process of adding was very opinionated in terms of how it was added to the Wikimedia repositories, as well as many other details like whether markdown should be used, which repositories should have the file, filename itself, etc.
See T165540: Add to Wikimedia repositories for much more.

The content of markdown files added to the Wikimedia repositories is following:

The development of this software is covered by a [Code of Conduct](

The link to the page should be, so that a page is shown in user's preferred language.
Due to the sheer amount of repositories that have CoC file now, we need to agree how this should be changed/pushed/reviewed, not to end up in the same situation like in T165540.

The question of links in user's preferred language is deeper than CoC files and some efforts are made for API links in T104518, but that is the topic for another ticket.

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Change 710402 had a related patch set uploaded (by DannyS712; author: DannyS712):

[mediawiki/tools/cookiecutter-library@master] Update Code of conduct links to use Special:MyLanguage

Change 710402 abandoned by Jforrester:

[mediawiki/tools/cookiecutter-library@master] Update Code of conduct links to use Special:MyLanguage


Done in C. Scott's patch.