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Possibility to use both versions of a paragraph in two-col-conflict
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  • I add a new paragraph (or new line) or some page
  • Someone else also adds an new paragraph (or line) at the same place of the same page while I'm editing

This happens especially very often on talk pages or in project namespace, when people react to comments or vote.

In nearly all of those cases you want your paragraph to be added below of the one of the other persons.
Two-col-conflict will show you a conflict between both versions:

The current solution for this issue is to select on version, go to edit mode, copy the text of the other paragraph into it, click save twice.
This is considered non-intuitive ("why do I have to decide for one version, if I want both") and needs several extra clicks, what increases the risk of running into another edit-conflict when saving on a heavily edited site like votes or heated discussions.
Therefore it was proposed to have an option to use both version above each other.

This was reported here by three users as well as in private chat.

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Maybe it would be an option to work line-wise not paragraph-wise on discussion pages?

This is mostly a duplicate of T230231: Allow (semi-)automated resolution of edit conflicts on discussion pages, and can probably be closed as such. More precisely: The proposed solution will solve the vast majority of these issues. If there are other use cases (other than discussions), we suggest to open another ticket for this.