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Help panel: Manage help panel links on wiki
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The help panel is a feature that allows newcomers to post questions directly to their wiki's help desk while they are in the middle of editing a page. The panel also provides a set of five recommended help links that are quite popular -- in wikis with the help panel between 40% and 50% of users who open the help panel click one of the links.

As noted in T211117: Help panel: provide ability to vary links by context, there is a desire to manage help panel links (the 5 default links, and any links that are varied by context, as well as the "View more help" link) on-wiki. Currently, the links are maintained in configuration and SWAT deployments are required to update them.

Our current view is that we should implement a system to manage the help panel links on-wiki before attempting to vary links by context (T211117).

The idea would be to have a page like Mediawiki:HelpPanelLinks with either a documented wikitext format or a JSON content model (h/t @Urbanecm) on how the links should be structured.

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The Growth team is considering this task for the hackathon. We're happy to collaborate with other participants on this.

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An idea brought up by an enwiki community member (link here): The help pages listed should be customized based on the type of article being viewed, so for instance, there should be links to biography policies/help pages for biography articles.

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