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Write user documentation for Matrix
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Write user documentation (or link it if there's a good one available, but last I checked there wasn't) For people who want to use Wikimedia-related Matrix channels. There is but it's outdated and focused on IRC, and of course assumes use of the central public Matrix server (which is pretty slow).

This should encompass things like

  • basic glossary
  • basic philosophy and the concept of homeservers
  • how to register / log in
  • how to join a channel
  • how to initiate direct chats
  • how to manage your notifications
  • how to create and configure a channel (open, open but limited to the homeserver, invitation-only, end-to-end encrypted; bridging, add-ons)
  • how to manage and moderate channels
  • Element mobile apps and alternative clients

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Where are / will the details of the new server be?

The server is at (but users won't interact with that directly), the default client is at

For myself: Riot Web is licensed under Apache-2.0 license so screenshots should be fine for Commons. (I'm working with Tgr for the docs.)

Oh, glad to hear, @revi, I'm happy to help edit the docs (I just got back from paternity leave), I'll look for updates here

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Some of the official pages are pretty useful:

This third-party manual is very outdated but might be a good template for a new user tutorial.

One of the annoying things about the Riot web client is that it loads quite slowly (as in, the initial downloading of all JS is slow). Someone has packaged it now as a browser extension (Firefox, Chrome, Github); that's probably worth calling out in the documentation.

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While the parent has been closed, the documentation would still be quite useful for users of the public, federated Matrix servers such as

@Legoktm has recently introduced mjolnir to Wikimedia channels so we should cover that in the moderation docs.

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