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citoid dosen't work at Hindi Wikipedia
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Automatic citation generation on the Visual Editor doesn't work at Hindi Wikipedia.

The automatic tab of the inline "Add a citation" popup is disabled.

Also, when trying to convert a bare url into a formatted citation the popup goes white with a message "Something went wrong" and provides two buttons "(Dismiss) (Try again)"

Steps to reproduce

  • For the "Add a citation" problem
    • Go to any page in Hindi Wikipedia
    • Switch to visual editor
    • Try to add a citation


Automatic tab is enabled and works.


Automatic tab is not enabled

  • For the Converting problem
    • Go to any page in Hindi Wikipedia with a bare url (eg:सामराऊ)
    • Open visual editor
    • Click on the superscript (a inline popup with a convert button appears)
    • Press "Convert"


A well formatted citation appears after a few seconds with an insert button at the top


After a few seconds, a overlay appears in the popup with the following message "Something went wrong" and with two buttons "(Dismiss) and (Try Again)"


After yesterday's deployment, the convert button doesn't appear.

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Aklapper changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Aug 1 2019, 6:59 PM

Hi @Force_Radical, thanks for taking the time to report this.

Unfortunately this report lacks some information. If you have time and can still reproduce the problem: Please add a more complete description to this report.
That can be a clear list of specific steps to reproduce the situation, as little details sometimes matter, so that nobody needs to guess how you performed each step, describing actual results and expected results after performing the steps to reproduce, and providing a link to a public website where the issue can be seen.

You can edit the task description by clicking Edit Task.
Ideally, exact and clear steps to reproduce should allow any other person to follow these steps (without having to interpret those steps) and see the same results. Problems that others can reliably reproduce can get fixed faster. Thanks.

The console shows the following warning:

Mapping(s) missing from citoid-template-type-map.json: artwork, audioRecording, bill, computerProgram, dictionaryEntry, email, encyclopediaArticle, hearing, instantMessage, interview, letter, manuscript, map, patent, podcast, presentation, radioBroadcast, report, statute, thesis, tvBroadcast, videoRecording

So you probably just have to add these to the definition in You can copy (and possible adapt) it from

You've also found a bug, we shouldn't be offering the "convert" option if citoid isn't correctly enabled. Thanks for the reporting! I've separated that off into T229654.

Mvolz claimed this task.

I've just quickly fixed the config; it was relatively simple as hi wiki uses all the same templates as en wiki so I just copied some stuff over. Should all be working now!