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Develop Interim solution to Inline Replies
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Long term our team would like to have native line replies as seen in T273292.
That task is blocked on an API.

User Story
Until we are able to have an API, we would like the following behavior:
As an Android User
I want to see all Talk Page replies native in the app.
If I want to reply inline
I want to be taken to a webview version that allows me to reply inline.

We had the option of having users reply in the app but it would create a new topic, which could be a negative experience for desktop and experienced users who are used to conventions using inline replies.

We could also mirror the Mobile Web experience that doesn't show the entire thread, but we decided to allow users to read entire discussions in the native app instead of hiding content.

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After talking to @ppelberg I'm going to decline this task for now. Sending people to webview isn't ideal and the impact of people replying at the bottom isn't very different than what is happening on mobile web.

Within the next two weeks we should know if the Editing will provide a solution to inline replies and go from there.