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Mentor dashboard: M4 Answer bank to FAQ's
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This is a task for building one of the modules in the mentor dashboard: homepage: FAQ’s replies.

Main audience: Experienced editors who signed up to their wikis mentor list.

Figma: M4 mockups

Goal/rationale: The main objective of the module is for the mentors to have a place to store answers for the newcomer’s frequently asked questions (FAQs). The mentors have mentioned that newcomers tend to ask similar questions when they first join Wikipedia. If the mentor has written a well-constructed and helpful response they can proceed to paste the wikitext into this module. The next time someone asks a similar question they can copy the wikitext, paste it to their talkpage and personalize the response there. This helps mentors save time and ensures that the answers remain consistent.

The specifications are written out below.


  • When there are no answers in the module a place holder image with an example of an answer will be shown instead.
  • For every new response the mentor adds, they will need to input a title along with the text. The titles are saved to a dropdown menu (like a table of contents) located at the top of the module. The mentors will be able to scroll through the titles easily locate the response they need without having to scroll through all the responses.

Copy and links

  • Icon: numbered list icon
  • Title: "Answer bank"
  • Subheading: “Store and edit your best answers using wikitext.”
  • Next: A dropdown with the default “All titles”. When the mentor chooses a different title from the dropdown only the entry for that title will appear in the module.
  • Next: Button “+ Add”. Choosing this button opens a new OOUI dialogue where the mentor can input a title and an answer (see “Dialogue” for content)
  • Next: Dialogue box with all the responses inside (see “Response box” for content)


  • Icon: X (close)
  • Title: “Answer bank”
  • Next: Button “Save”
  • Header: “Add answer here”
  • Subtitle: “Add a title for each response so that you can find it in the dropdown and please store your response in wikitext.”
  • Header: “Title”
  • Next: Button (icon only) trash aka delete. When this is selected a dialogue appears (see “delete answer” for details).
  • Next: Input field with label “Title”
  • Header: “Answer”
  • Next: Input field with label “Text...”

“Response box”

  • Each response will be stored in the following way:
  • Title: “[title]”
  • Next: Quiet button with icon. Icon = article (looks like the copy icon) with “copy”. This copies the wikitext from the response.
  • Next: Answer
  • Next: button “ [ edit ] “ which lets the mentor edit the response in a dialogue box, see “Dialogue” for content.

“Delete answer”

  • Text: “Are you sure you want to permanently delete the answer [‘ title of answer’] ?”
  • Next: Button “Cancel”, which takes the mentor back to their answer.
  • Next: Button “Delete”, which deletes the answer from the module.


  • There is no difference between desktop and mobile.


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Hello, thanks for creating the task @OTichonova! I have a question:

  • Should there be a per-wiki bank as well? Or would it make the messages less likely to be personalized? I'm not sure if this was considered, but I didn't see any infoabout that in specs, so I'm asking.

Hi @Urbanecm_WMF

  • Exactly, I thought that might make some messages less personal. For this module I was thinking of having a short explanation/example answer that is present when the module is empty and disappears when the mentor adds their first answer. The specs for empty modules is coming up soon.
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Unclaiming to avoid cookie licking. Will re-claim once I actually start working on those.

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