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Publicize availability of topic subscriptions via URL parameter
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This ticket represents the work involved with making volunteers across the movement aware that they can experiment with topic subscriptions, via the ?dtenable=1 URL parameter.


The objectives for informing volunteers about topic subscriptions being available at all projects via URL and them, ideally, experimenting with it as a result are as follows:

  1. Learn whether there are "local exceptions"/cases where topic subscriptions work in unexpected ways
  2. Identify whether topic subscriptions are working reliably enough to be offered as a beta feature at all Wikipedias


  • Interested volunteers at Wikipedias across the movement are made aware they can experiment with topic subscriptions using the ?dtenable=1 URL parameter

Event Timeline

@matmarex: would it be accurate for us to think that the only people who will continue to be impacted by T285796 [i] after today, will be the people who revisit a main namespace page where they previously noticed [ subscribe ] links unexpectedly appearing that has not been A) manually purged or B) edited since their last visit?

I ask this above wanting to know what – if any – guidance we should include about T285796 as part of the announcement we are making about topic subscriptions in this ticket.

i. Read: still see [ subscribe ] links on main namespace pages

It will be everyone who visits such a page (or almost everyone, depending on their user preferences), not just those who visited them before.

If we include any guidance about it (and I'm not sure if it's necessary), it should only be on the affected wikis (I think only Meta-Wiki and

This is going out in Tech/News on Monday.

I have also posted more information (and localized ?dtenable=1 links for testing) to Wikidata and Commons' central project pages.